About Us

Dr. Sagar N. Venkateswaran

Founder and CEO

Sagar Venkateswaran is an entrepreneur with nearly 20 years’ experience in nurturing and growing a small business. He founded OptiXtal "Opti-crystal" in 2003 to manufacture Supercapacitors with flexibility and form factor. This technology has the potential to transform society by reducing energy use and by creating what we call "Power Autonomy". Whether it is the house you live in, or the clothes you wear, or the portable devices you carry- Power Autonomy will make it possible to scavenge energy from surroundings and store them in integrated devices to allow communication without the need to hook up to a grid or to batteries.

OptiXtal has made a modest beginning in this direction by creating a commercial prototype of the World's first self-sustaining integrated device: The GreenPatch. Sagar is committed to creating more jobs in manufacturing. He is a board member of the Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia (MAP), was on the board of the Mayor’s Manufacturing Task Force for work force development in Philadelphia, on the board of task force on curriculum development for the Philadelphia School District (PSD), and on the Industrial advisory board at the Center for Energy Harvesting and Material Systems (CEHMS), an NSF center for excellence at Virginia Tech. Sagar is affiliated with premiere entrepreneurial programs such as the Goldman Sachs 10KSB program, and with Wharton SBDC. He has a PhD in Physics.

Jack Kerins

Vice President Global Business Development

Senior Executive focused on developing new global business opportunities in Chemicals, Energy Harvesting and Energy Storage. Extensive experience building start-ups and large scale operations (1000+ employees) in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Passionate about finding the common ground that makes deals work across and within borders. President of Airmed Biotech, Inc., founded the diagnostic test manufacturing and distribution company to provide rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) for infectious disease such as Malaria, HIV, TB and for drugs of abuse. CEO of Sun BioMedical Laboratories a medical device manufacturer of drug abuse and disease tests developed network of international distributors in Europe, Asia and Africa.

COO of PChem Associates, a nanotechnology firm, developing and manufacturing metallic nanomaterials for the Electronics, Plastics and Textile industries. President of International Services, responsible for the operations, business development and geographic expansion initiatives of the ICT Group's international operations. Senior IT Executive built development teams servicing Fortune 500 companies in North America and Europe.