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Self-sustaining Power - the Final Frontier?

Smart cars (self-driven cars), smart buildings, wearable power, sensor networks and a whole host of smart products require sensing and wireless communication. Powering these sensors and communicators to the grid or to a battery is not an option, especially for wearables. For others, imagine running wires through thousands of sensors or replacing thousands of dead batteries! In all cases, long lived "green" supercaps that can be trickled charged by harvesting from the ambient, have excellent pulse power capability, and also have the correct physical flexibility and form factor, are critical.


Why OptiXtal Supercapacitors?

Harvesting, storage, sensing, communication and actuating each separately can be a challenge. But combining them all into a single integrated package can be daunting. We have a great record of having done just that. Our successful partnerships have resulted in GreenPatch- the World's First Self-powered battery-free integrated device.

When we think of self-sustained devices, we cannot help but think of Henry David Thoreau and his influential teachings on Self Reliance. In his honor we have named this page as OptixtalWP, where WP stands for Walden Pond.